Yoga in Olon

January 16, 2018 Off By Team

 Olon Yoga... ...for Beginners and Experts!

There are so many possibilities for Yoga in Olon, Try some Courses or just join a Practice!

You can certainly find a quiet spot on Olon's long beach and practice by yourself.

In the Sand or on the Grass, under a Palm Tree with a Marvelous View!

Another possibility would be joining a week-long Sadhana Clinic, organized every 3 months by "Revista Sahana": Ecuador's #1 Yoga Magazine!

These Yoga-Retreats take place at the exclusive "Casa del Árbol Boutique Hotel".

Mostly taught in Spanish, these Retreats are often guided by prominent Yogi and Swami!

There are Daily Classes and Complete Olon Yoga Courses being offered by the newly build Community Centre of Olon at 8am!

With their newly made Yoga-Studio the Communa and Vikara Lifestyle are the place to go for any Traveler, Expat or Local to practice Yoga.

When the weather allows it, they practice on the Beach, but always meet up at the Community Centre first.
Info via Phone or Whatsap in English or Spanish: +593 98 989 8119

Last, but not least, there are different options for Yoga, Gong-Meditation and Retreats at La Casa Rosa.

Join their Friday Community Meal for a Social Alternative to Olon's Restaurants. can book a yoga class or yoga retreat for you! Just send us a message to make your reservation!