Whale Watching

March 16, 2018 Off By Olon.ec Team

Whale Watching

 From the Beach of Olon, you can see Whales pass by with a Binoculars. Or see them up close with a Tour!

In just 40 minutes a private transport (taxi or mini-van) takes you to the docks in Pto. Lopez. Fully insured and registered Tour Agencies guarantee a pleasant trip. Get up-close-and-personal with these fantastic sea-mammals!

On your way to discover the huge cetaceans, you'll definitely see many dolphins shearing and jumping around your boat! Whale watching is probably on everyone's Bucket List, this is the time to do it!

In the Whale season, beginning in June and ending in September (the best time to see them is from half July to the end of August), you are almost guaranteed to see whales! You will have to be on the lookout tho, cause they are hard to find! Within an hour, or two or three, you will surely encounter them!

Playing with their young, making saltos and submerging only to come to the surface again minutes later, you will have the time of your life!