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Olon Sunset Beach Walks

April 14, 2018 Off By Team

Olon Beach Walks at Sunset

Olon Beach Walks at Sunset. 

Olón is the ideal destination for long and short Beach Walks. The wide sandy beach is over 6 miles long, and you will pass several tiny towns north of Olón before you reach the end of the Bay at the La Entrada community, famous for its Destination Wedding Church and their Colorfully Painted Houses!

It's also the home of the famous Dulces de Benito Bakery with dozens of fresh cakes, pies, rolls and merengues!

Every little town between Olón and La Entrada has a small shop and a little (cocktail) bar for refreshments, and you can easily catch the bus back to Olón at any time for just $0,50 if you are tired of your Beach Walk around Olón.

When you are walking the beach, you will surely encounter a variety of animals, birds, sealife and original vegetation. Whilst there are many Villas & Urbanizations, there is still a lot of unspoiled land around the beach.

The area closes to Olón has Palm Trees and Grassfields that are ideal for a bit of rest or for a little picknick while you are enjoying your Beach Walk. It might seem to be private property, but even the cabañas on the beach are public, and you can use them for some shade, or even bring your own hammock for a siesta!

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