5. Construction & Handymen

Micheal – Appliance Repair

Appliance repair to A/C to Plumbing and everything in between. Stove Repair & more

Las Nuñez & Manglaralto & Area

0988 928 416
0988 851 259‬
Hector Brisco

Gas, Water & Electric Repair
Gas Heater & Pool Repair & Maintenance

098 004 4452
Maestro Amado

All kinds of Tiling

098 938 0625
Angelo Reyes

Gardening, Painting (incl Murals), Decorating and Maintenance

098 989 4610
Russel Irish – Electrician & Small Engine Repair

I’m Russell. Some of you have used my services in the past as an electrician. I really appreciate the work you have given me. It’s often times a challenge in Ecuador as standards are a bit different than in the states. I’m still in business for all of your electrical needs. Grounding is a real issue as many systems I’ve encountered here are not grounded or bonded incorrectly. If you’re having trouble with appliances going out or the occasional shock here and there or even an astronomical electric bill, this may be the cause. I’d be happy to take a look.

I would also like to offer my new service as a small engine technician. From mowers to motorcycles and everything in between I can most likely fix it. Also I will perform routine maintenance and servicing. My experience goes back years as a mechanic on motorcycles and cars. I’m currently a seasonal worker in Antarctica as a small engine tech. Servicing snowmobiles, generators, chainsaws, etc. My shop is up near Dos Mangas.

My Rates

Preventative maintenance and cleaning  $25

Oil change including oil  $20

Trouble shooting and fix  $40/day plus parts

Engine rebuild  $100 plus material

Electrician rates are still the same at $50/day

0969 525 447‬‬

Pump Repair & Plumber

Pablo the Palm Doctor

Gardener & Palm Maintenance

093 962 9521

Electric System Repair and Installations

099 402 3919
Tito & Wacho

Small and Large Constructions
in Cement, Wood or Bamboo
Including 4-floor buildings (Apart-Hotel Rincón d’Olón)
Pools, Cabins, Boulevards (of San José), etc

099 795 1820

Speaks some English

0992 802 282
Cris y Tom

All kinds of Repairs, Works & Projects!

099 233 1686