Nuñez, Ecuador – Olon to Las Nuñez

Nuñez is a small town, just 5 km north of Olon, on the same stretch of beach. The town of Nuñez and it's surroundings are characterized by a large number of Hillside and Beachfront Villas and Holiday homes.


At just 3 minutes from Nuñez ($1,50 by taxi), Olon is the ideal place to stay when visiting the Ruta del Sol (Ruta del Spondylus) of Ecuador!

The beach is small, and sometimes dissappears entirely when the tide is high. But, the privacy and tranquility makes up for that! It might be hard to reach the beach from the town, since most of it is lines with private properties, but if you look for it you can surely find a small path leading to Nuñez beach!

Nuñez has a couple of small stores and a bakery, and consist mostly of Fisherman and people working in Tourism.

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