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 Isla de la Plata: "Silver Island" also called: "Poor Man's Galapagos"...

...see many animals exclusive to the Galapagos!

In just 40 minutes with our new vehicle, we will take you to a boat, fully insured and registered, to take you to the Isla de la Plata in about an hour! On your way you might see a lot of dolphins, maybe even some whales and lots of birds and other Marine Life, such as big Sea-Turtles,  Manta Rays and lots more! Discover the small island via one of the two routes, up the small mountain or down by the sea-shore. Make sure to let your tourguide know in advance if you want either the long or short route, there is a maximum amount of people allowed for each. La Isla de la Plata is part of the Machalilla National Park and only accessible with an official Tour Agency & Guide. A small packed lunch is included!

A visitor in May 2016 commented on TripAdvisor:

On our way to the island we saw two humpback whales, awesome! On the island we did the long walk and saw Blue Footed Boobies, Nasca Boobies, Fregat Birds and tropical birds. When we went snorkeling we were lucky since it was pretty clear. And then we saw the most awesome creature yet: a Manta ray. Just 'flying' in the water only a few meters below us. Wow.