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Return to the Huancavilca Culture in Olón: Comet Festival "Fly your Dreams"

Olón, Santa Elena, (09-02-2015) The Huancavilcas were sure they were descendants from a Tiger and 2 Fertility Goddesses, Sacachin and La Tetona. Although Centuries have passes, the belief is still alive and well and takes new forms in the Comet Festival "Fly your Dreams" (Festival de Cometas ‘Vuela tus sueños’) as experienced in Olón, Santa Elena Province in the first or second week of February each year. Supported by Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio, to relive the past, it's a heritage of identities of different cultures that were established along the length of the Peninsula.

For the 10th year in a row, the title of Goddess of Fertility was given to a local girl. This year, the honor to celebrate Huancavilca Culture in Olón fell to Génesis Delgado once again, who honored the tradition with a dress and crown made of local seashells. The winner was hailed in much the same way as similar goddesses in the precolonial era, with offerings of Churos and handcrafted Earthenware and Lances. After being named, Mrs. Delgado carried a flower arrangement to the beach, where it was left in the waves as an offering to Mother Cocha, goddess of the Sea and the Origin of Life.

In antiquity, these rituals were used to assure the favor or the gods, to receive plentiful rains and good harvests. Among the rituals there used to be other - more radical - acts, such as cranial deformations and cuttings, to make a crown appear on the skull. Even more harsh were the punishments the authorities gave to those that disobeyed the orders (of the goddesses), such as the removal of teeth. 

In the past, the Huancavilca Culture in Olón and surroundings, used decorations to demonstrate the age of their line. The more generations, the higher the rank and the more shells and other decorations were displayed on their person. The Huancavilcas were the last precolonial culture of the Ecuadorian Coast (between 600 and 1534 AD). They survived the force of the Incas, who tried to include them in their culture in various ways, including three separate wars. However, they could not face up to the power of the Spanish invaders, and in the end lost most of their forces, culture, customs and religion to the Catholic Conquistadors.
To recuperate the feeling of belonging and culture in the modern day Oloñense (Inhabitant of Olón), the president of the Commune and Organizer of the event, Jonathan Borbor, has revived parts of the cultural activities, augmented by a Comet Festival and Competition. A gastronomical experience with local traditional foods, to refresh the memory of locals and visitors, and spread the word of the origins and traditions that have all but disappeared into the past.



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