Olon Forest
April 14, 2018 Off By Olon.ec Team

Enjoy the Olon Forest by Bike, Walking or Horseback

In Olon, there are several options to enjoy the Woods and Hills. Take a bike, horse or taxi and go explore!

Take a few well-fed and small - but very strong - horses into the forested Hills around Olon, and experience some time away from the modern world! Go Horseback riding, the lush tropical forest has many roads to explore, crossing over hills and through valleys. Take the horses with or without a Guide and find some of the tiny towns in the valleys inland, or seek out the waterfalls (most spectacular in the rainy season!) by following the riverbed.

Being part of the Machalilla National Park, the Green Hills around Olon are ideal for a bike ride, especially when it isn't Beach-Weather.

Go through Olons (seasonal) river and follow the paths leading to the (former) Bar/Camping called "Las Cascadas de Alex".

You will find a lot of wildlife there, especially swarms of colorful birds and butterflies, and with a bit of luck even some Deer or Howler Monkey's!

If you do want Waterfalls, you'll need to wait a bit longer, the path towards Olon's own Falls is still in the planning phase.