Bike Tours and Bike Rental in Olon

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Go through Olons (seasonal) river and follow the paths leading to the (former) Bar/Camping called "Las Cascadas de Alex".

You will find a lot of wildlife there, especially swarms of colorful birds and butterflies, and with a bit of luck even some Deer or Howler Monkey's!

If you do want Waterfalls, you'll need to wait a bit longer, the path towards Olon's own Falls is still in the planning phase.

While it is possible to be dropped off and picked up by a taxi for a walk in the forest, and you can also rent horses per hour or per tour, it is far nice to explore by bike!

The nice part of Olon's woods start about 7km inland.
From there on, be prepared to cross the small river several times, pick the right kind of footwear!

For Waterfalls, you can try out Dos Mangas, where you can reach some falls with a horseback ride of about 3 hours.

Several options are available, such as renting a bike from one of a few Tour Companies in either Olon or Montañita.

The price is around $15 per day for the bike-rental and $20 per person for a guided tour via:

Bikespondylus Operadora
0980744511   +Whatsapp
(International: 00593980744511 )
[email protected]

Some of the nicer hostals and hotels in Olon also have bikes available for their guests, such as:
Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón (5 Free Bikes!)
La Casa Naranja
(4 Paid Bikes)

The Team can NOT arrange Rentals or a Guided Tour for you and your group!
Please Contact the Tour Agencies directly.
Please send us a message if you have any questions or remarks!

Other locations near Olon include:

Oloncito, Olon Beach, Ventura Resort, Valles de Olon, Olonche & others

Sanctuario de Olon
Church and Boarding School

Cascadas de Olon
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
In the rainy season

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve
Inland from Manglaralto

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Foundation selling Cured Meats & more

Colegio Agricultural de Olon
High-school in Olon

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