Cadeate, Ecuador – Olon to Cadeate

Enjoy Cadeate's freshly baked bread, many of them made in a Wood Oven!

There are over 100 diferent bakeries here, many are 100% Artisanal. Some of them only open up on special holiday, for example to make the traditional Bread Child "GuaGua de pan de Cadeate". 

At just 10 minutes from Cadeate ($2,50 by taxi), Olon is the ideal place to stay when visiting the Ruta del Sol, Ecuador!

The locals from Cadeate drive around on their bikes and bicycles all the way through the Santa Elena Province. Every day, they take off with their huge baskets of bread to sell to all the villages nearby that don't have a bakery. They also go along colleges and schools and sell little sweets, cookies and rolls to the kids there, for just $0,10 each!

Being very close to Olon, it makes it a great destination to visit for an hour or so!


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