Ayampe, Ecuador – Olon to Ayampe

Enjoy Ayampe's long and pristine beach, the tropical vegetation and the peaceful Atmosphere. Hailed as a perfect Surfing Spot, surfers travel here every day from Montañita and Olon!

The waves are always just right, and there are not too many rocks or tourists to avoid. You are far enough off the beaten path here to be able to relax without anyone trying to sell you something, but you can still get a cup of coffee and a decent meal here!

We highly recommend spending 1 day here when visiting Olon. It's a nice combination of fresh atmosphere, freedom, hippies & surfers combined with unspoiled nature!

The beach offers a splendid view of the tiny rock-island in the ocean in front of Ayampe, los Orcados. That same island is visible as a cube and a triangle when looking north wards from the beaches of Olon!

At 15-25 minutes from Olon, passing the winding roads of the "Cinco Cerros", Ayampe is the first Beach Town of the Manabí Province.

You can take a Taxi from Olon to Ayampe for around $8-$12, or the green "Manglaralto" bus for around $1.

Make sure you catch the last bus back at around 5pm to get back to Olon at nightfall!

Here, there are some nice Retreats and Hostels focusing on the mindful traveler in Ecuador.

Practice Yoga and Meditation and relax at the Beach or in the Forest of Beautiful Ayampe.

There are a few small Beachfront Restaurants and some pretty good Pizzerias with Wood-Ovens in the town of Ayampe! A few grocery stores and coffee shops, especially The Barn with their fantastic Brownies, are enough to make this town your home-base for a little while, or just visit for a day from your base in Olon!

The next Towns to the North of Ayampe are: Las Tunas, Piqueros & Salango

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