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andri asked 5 months ago

this time I will review about nature tourism, for those of you who want to travel while enjoying the scenery try to visit Indonesia many times because in the country of Indonesia there are so many tourist attractions that are very charming And in Indonesia there are also many very beautiful islands and you have to try them because besides a lot of very beautiful islands Indonesia is also very rich in history

Examples of tourist attractions in Indonesia are like Pangandaran Beach , Bali Island, Batu Karas Beach and others, and the most exciting holiday is when on a vacation to the mountains and here are some of the mountains that you can visit for information

For example, like Tangkuban Gungung boat located in Bandung and the white crater, Mount Ci Kuray in Garut, Galunggung Gungung in Tasikmalaya and other mountains and if you visit Indonesia you can also visit Borobudur temple in Jogjakarta