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Olon Hostels & Hotels

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The Best Olon Hostels & Hotels For any budget and all kinds of travelers! From Camping Sites, Rooms at local families, Hostels and Guesthouses all the way up to nice Hotels with Pool & A/C and long-term Apartments, Penthouses and Villas. You...

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Doctors & Emergencies in Olon

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Doctors & Emergencies in Olon Doctor Olon: Olon has a General Practitioner, located in a Villa right next to the Olon Communa. For more Urgent Care, there are Doctors at the 24/7 Emergency Hospital in ManglarAlto. For more Serious Care,...

April 14, 2018 0

La Punta between Olon and Montañita

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La Punta between Olon and Montañita. This is a Photo showing the Rocks between Olon and Montañita. As you can see, it is NOT recommended to cross via the Point (La Punta). Fishermen do walk there, but a single wave...

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Courses in Olon

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Olon Visitor’s Experiences:

Fantastic beach with great facilities including

Fantastic beach with great facilities including Umbrella/ chair rentals. The lunch Cabanas were ideal for lunch and happy hour. We Continue Reading… “Fantastic beach with great facilities including”

Nadine (Canada)
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Isla de la Plata from Olon

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Isla de la Plata: “Silver Island” also called: “Poor Man’s Galapagos”……see many animals exclusive to the Galapagos! In just 40 minutes with our new vehicle, we will take you to a boat, fully insured and registered, to take you to the Isla de la Plata in about an hour!

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Olon Beach

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Photo of Olon Beach This is just a photo of Olon from Google Images.   If you’d like to Upload…