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Olon Town, Market, Shops & Bakeries

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Olon Town, People & Area   The Beach of Olon is one of the longest of the Ecuadorian Coast, with a length of over 7.6 km. Along its path you can find a lot of local Flora and Fauna, and some great places to relax, eat, drink and stay! The Mangroves are green and pristine, and the little rivers are alive with shrimp and birds all year round! Olon Town is Small, Safe and Relaxing, with wide street with streetlights, low traffic and plenty of Shops, Stores, Restaurants and Cocktail Bars! Olon and its surrounding area have had inhabitants for thousands of years. Many Archaeological Finds are displayed at the Main Office of the "Junta de Agua...

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Olon Forest by Bike, Walking or Horseback

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Enjoy the Olon Forest by Bike, Walking or Horseback In Olon, there are several options to enjoy the Woods and Hills. Take a bike, horse or taxi and go explore!Take a few well-fed and small - but very strong -...

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Olon Sunset Beach Walks

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Olon Beach Walks at Sunset Olon Beach Walks at Sunset.  Olón is the ideal destination for long and short Beach Walks. The wide sandy beach is over 6 miles long, and you will pass several tiny towns north of Olón...

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Volunteering in Olón

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Olon Visitor’s Experiences:

Fantastic beach with great facilities including

Fantastic beach with great facilities including Umbrella/ chair rentals. The lunch Cabanas were ideal for lunch and happy hour. We… Continue Reading… “Fantastic beach with great facilities including”

Olon's Latests Questions & Answers

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Apart-Hotel Rincon d’Olon

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Apart-Hotel Rincon d’Olon ( RinconOlon.com) is Olón’s highest rated hotel on Booking.com, Tripadvisor and more. With it’s Unlimited Buffet Breakfast, Orthopedic Beds,…

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Olon Beach

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This is just a photo of Olon from Google Images. If you’d like to Upload Your Own Photos (and texts)…