How is the Weather in Olón?

Olón, located right next to Montañita in the Santa Elena province of Ecuador, has a more Temperate Climate than Salinas, Manta and other coastal cities and towns. The average temperatures according to BING Weather History is:

January - May = 26 to 29°C
June - December = 23 to 26°C

Of course, Olón has one of the nicest sandy, wide & long Beaches and romantic Sunsets there are!

Below you can see the current Weather from AccuWeather. But this is not often very accurate, the closest weather station (in Manglaralto) doesn't seem to be very capable of registering and predicting the Weather very accurately.

The area is Green all year, with seasonal streams and small rivers. There is a variety of wildlife to be seen and heard at the Beach and in the Forested Hills. Find many Birds and Butterflies, Howler Monkeys, Deer and other local species!

Olón gives you more options and things to do. The Water Temperature is agreeable all-year-round. When it rains, it's normally in the early morning. There is often a nice breeze from the Ocean in daytime and from the Hills at night, so you don't always need your Air-Conditioning.