Valdivia , Ecuador – Olón to Valdivia

Valdivia is the seat of the Ancient Valdivia Culture, and many archeological treasures have been unearthed here. Most of them can be seen in the SUMPA Museum in Santa Elena city. But, Valdivia has quite a few little shops selling replicas, and showing some very nice original artifacts (not for sale). 


At just 20 minutes from Olón (around $9 by taxi), Olón is the ideal place to stay when checking out Ecuadorian Coastal Pre-Inca Culture of Valdivia and Agua Blanca.

Apart from that, just outside Valdivia is the newly build Aquarium Valdivia, which has a few rare species of birds, penguins, seals, fish and crocodiles. The Aquarium also acts as an Emergency Rescue Center for local wildlife, mainly seabirds and turtles and has veterinarians on call and very modern installations. The Aquarium is open to the public to visit!