Puerto Lopez, Ecuador – Olón to Pto. Lopez

Puerto Lopez is very nice to look at when you arrive from Olón.

The horse-shoe bay looks very picturesque with the many small fishing boats and the long white beach.

The town is bigger than most of the other in the wide area, and has a Bank (Pichincha) and a small Supermarket (Tía).

At 45-75 minutes from Olón, passing the winding roads of the "Cinco Cerros", Ayampe, Puerto Rico and Salango, the town of Puerto Lopez is the biggest Beach Town of the southern part of the Manabí Province.

You can take a Taxi from Olón to Puerto Lopez for around $20-$30, or the green "Manglaralto" bus for $2.50.

Make sure you catch the last bus around 5.15pm to get back to Olón at nightfall.

Puerto Lopez has plenty of Hotels and Hostels in every price category.

In Puerto Lopez, there is plenty to do: Tours to the Isla de la Plata and Whale Watching, Snorkeling, Diving, Canoeing and of course visiting Agua Blanca & Los Frailes Beach and more.

Puerto Lopez has a nice Fish Market in the morning (7am to 11am), it can be quite busy and industrious in the town of Puerto Lopez. It is certainly not one of the cleanest towns along the Ruta del Spondylus.

There are some Restaurants on the Malecón (boardwalk), and Cabins offering drinks on the beach. The beach is sometimes quite busy and there might be a taste of oil in the water, caused by the many fishing boats.

Next Town to the North of Olón: Puerto Cayo