Olón offers you many possibilities to spend the day.

Relax on Olón's wonderful beach, or walk along the beach for 7km, all the way to the end. Have a Coffee & Cake in La Entrada and take the bus back!

Olón is also excellent for bird-watching and going into the forest for a walk, horseback- or bike-ride through the lush green hills.

Beginning in Olón and going north until Puerto Cayo, the Machala National Park Reserve Forest stretches out into the distant hills.

With lots of local plants and trees, such as Caña Brava, Guayacán, Cedro Cubano, Mango, Coffee, Cacao and more from ancient abandoned Haciendas.

In the Reserve, you can encounter a large variety of wildlife, including howler monkeys & many birds, with an especially great variety of Hummingbirds and Parakeets!

Going inland, you can follow Olón's river - or the riverbed in the dry season - upstream and visit the 'Cascadas de Alex' which is a small touristic location that is not always open. Real 'Cascadas' (waterfalls) can be found further inland, but require a tour-guide and good preparation.

Of course, you can also opt for going to the waterfalls at Dos Mangas. Just get a taxi there and book your Tour - either with or without bikes and/or horses - at the Dos Mangas Tourist Information Office!

We're sure you will have a great time in Olón.
Let us know if you want details or recommendations!

 There are many Tour Operators around Olón!


All kinds of Tours including Transport from Olón

Outdoor Ecuador
Surf, Spanish & more in Olón!

Machililla Tours
Whale Watching and more from Pto. Lopez

 These are the Language Schools around Olón:

Montañita Spanish School

All kinds of Tours including Transport from Olón

Outdoor Ecuador
Surf, Spanish & more in Olón!

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Of course, you can also take a day or more to relax in nearby Los Frailes Bay or visit the Morning Fish Market in Puerto Lopez. 

For a more cultural experience, do a guided tour of the Archaeological Site of Agua Blanca, with its Museum, Dry Forests and Mud Baths!

It's even possible to combine all three into a single perfect day!

Ready for some more action?

Go Dolphin or Whale watching, Snorkeling or Scuba Diving with an organized Tour!

A perfect day-trip to always remember!

Please Contact a Tour Operator directly via one of the links above.
You can send us a message, but we do not make reservations for you.

As we are the Team behind Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón, we do make reservations for any kind of Tour and Airport pick-ups for guests at Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón!

Other locations near Olón include:

Oloncito, Olón Beach, Ventura Resort, Valles de Olón, Olonche & others

Sanctuario de Olón
Church and Boarding School

Cascadas de Olón
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
In the rainy season

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve
Inland from Manglaralto

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Foundation selling Cured Meats & more

Colegio Agricultural de Olón
High-school in Olón