Olón offers Snorkeling, Scuba-Diving, Para-Sailing, Jet-ski Rentals...

...and much more activities!

The Ocean is full of beautiful sights here in and around Olón... Go and find the bottom of it, either with snorkeling gear or a full scuba outfit! Do you want to just dive around with a professional instructor, or get your PADI-certificate right away?

Of course, you can also rent a Water-Ski, banana or speedboat, but that needs to be arranged on forehand! Please contact us with time to spare, and be prepared for the fact they are not exactly cheap here... Alternatively, you can take to the skies with either Para-Sailing (Delta) or Para-Gliding!

Last but not least, you can rent Motor-Bikes or Quads, and in the hills behind Montañita there is a Canopy-line of multiple kilometers, a very exciting way to see the green tropical hills!

The Olón.ec Team can arrange courses, rentals and more for you.
Just send us a message to make your reservation!

Other locations near Olón include:

Oloncito, Olón Beach, Ventura Resort, Valles de Olón, Olonche & others

Sanctuario de Olón
Church and Boarding School

Cascadas de Olón
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
In the rainy season

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve
Inland from Manglaralto

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Foundation selling Cured Meats & more

Colegio Agricultural de Olón
High-school in Olón