To reach the Lovely Beach Town Olón:

Take any Olón Bus, Taxi or Private Transport!
Olón is ~4 minutes from Montañita (taxi $1,50). 

Olón is ~1 hour by bus from
Santa Elena, La Libertad & Salinas
or ~40 minutes by private car or taxi.

Guayaquil is about 3 hours by bus from Olón,
or 2,5 hours by private car or taxi.

Manta is about 3,5 hours by bus from Olón,
or 2 hours by private car or taxi.

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Getting to Olón from Guayaquil: 

CLP Bus Company will take you from Guayaquil Airport (Terminal Terreste) by Direct Olón Bus in about 3 hours. 
Buses leave 6 to 10 times a day from 4.30 am to 6.30 pm, with a fare of $6,- (2018).  
Alternatively, you can take any of several buses (CICA, CLP and more) that go to Santa Elena, La Libertad or Salinas, and continue from there.

From Santa Elena, La Libertad and Salinas: 

Take a CITUP or MANGLARALTO bus from the Sumpa Bus Terminal directly to Olón. An Olón bus leaves from Santa Elena to Olón from 4 in the morning until about 10 pm. The cost is $1,80 and the trip takes about 1,5 hours.

From Puerto López, Jipijapa & Manta: 

Manglaralto Bus Company goes directly from Manta to Olón. The Olón Bus leaves from the Terminal Terreste in the center of Manta directly to Olón from 4 am until about 4 pm. The cost of the trip is $6,- and it takes about 3,5 hours (2017).

Getting to Olón from Quito & Baños:

If you want to travel directly from Quito or Baños to Olón or Montañita, there is a direct Olón bus that goes without stopping, although their price is higher as taking local buses. Please contact us if you would like to book you a ticket, or refer you to specific travel and tour agencies in Quito and Baños that can sell you one directly. 

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