Enjoy Ayampe's long and pristine beach, the tropical vegetation and the peaceful Atmosphere.

At 15-20 minutes from Olón, passing the winding roads of the "Cinco Cerros", Ayampe is the first Beach Town of the Manabí Province.

You can take a Taxi from Olón to Ayampe for around $15-$20, or the green "Manglaralto" bus for around $1.50.

Make sure you catch the last bus around 6pm to get back to Olón at nightfall.

Here, there are some nice Retreats and Hostels focusing on the mindful traveler in Ecuador.

Practice Yoga and Meditation and relax at the Beach or in the Forest of Beautiful Ayampe.

There are a few small Beachfront Restaurants and a pretty good Pizzeria with Wood-Oven in the town of Ayampe!

Next Town to the North of Olón: Salango