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    1. Hot Sulphur Springs at Agua Blanca

    Well worth a visit. $5 per person admission.
    Near Puerto Lopez. Plan to spend 1/2 day there.
    They sell beer there, and you’ll need it after a long hike through the jungle.
    The road is washed out. The guide said it was about 1 K, but it’s more like 3. A fine afternoon.

    2. “Banos Termales de San Vicente”
    about 45 minutes south of us by car (and unless on a particular tour, not a trip to take on the chicken buses, since they don’t go there). It is not a fancy place, but I was amazed at how clean it was kept,

    The entrance fee of $2 per person includes unlimited access to the mud pool and mineral bath, and a couple of indoor pools (crowded with kids when we were there). For another few dollars, one can also opt for a 15-20 minute volcanic mud (“barro volcanic”) or aloe vera (“sabila”) massage (“masaje”) for another $4 each.

    One of the
    massage tables
    One other thing that is offered is a steam bath of eucalyptus (for $3 each), which Todd and I didn’t try, only because we were too relaxed after the mud bath & sun, then a shower; a mud massage & time to relax in the sun for it to dry, and another shower (“ducha”), followed up by an aloe vera massage/sun time/another shower before heading to the warm healing mineral bath for a soak…And no matter how many times you’ve already showered between these treatments, another rinse off in the outdoor shower nearby required before getting in the mineral pool.

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