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Olón has plenty of Resto-Bars and Restaurants: Beachfront Seafood Cabañas, Pizzerias & Bars, Gourmet & Grill, Fusion & More!

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The little beach town Olón has just about 2.500 inhabitants and the same amount of Tourists and lots of Expats. Visit Olón in the high season and rest of the year! Olón is moderately warm and nightly rains provide for a green environment.

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Get to know Olón's Beach and its nearby Cloudforest, relax with a Massages or with a Cocktail on the beach.  The variety of Seafood, Local and International Cuisine makes you want to stay here for longer!

Olón has a number of Rental Properties depending on your needs.
From as low as $350/month for a simple dwelling, up to 8 times that for Beachfront Villas with Pool, A/C, etc. Olón really has its all!

Of course, Montañita is nearby, and when you come back to Olón you will enjoy relaxing here even more!

There is always something more to discover and to do in the area around Olón. What about the archeological sites of the Valdivia, Manteña and other ancient cultures? You can visit their sites within an hour from Olón, you can even do a Holiday Course as an Archeologist for a Day or week at Agua Blanca!

Explore new beaches or follow Olón's little river upstream to get to know the local birds and wildlife! Did you know there are hundreds of endemic birds in Olón, amongst them a lot of Parekeets, Colibri and Birds of Prey. Scavengers and lots of Seabirds at the beach!

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